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Anatomy of A Django app

1 March, 2009

Bringing a team to common grounds is vital. Good coordination needs to follow some rules. Aside from these rules, each coder can go wild and let his ideas fall in place to form an end goal.

Django provides a great environment for team developing. So for a common base, all the apps must follow a certain anatomy. I’ll explain here the anatomy I have in mind.


– directories are in bold

– all the text in italics is just for explanation

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instalez winu’

12 February, 2009


publish to blog from zraven

2 January, 2009

test zraven as desktop publishing

test from wbloggar

2 January, 2009

test posting from w.bloggar 4.02
quick desktop publishing to blog

Flock Browser

17 October, 2008

All tough I’m a web dev, seems like I’m out of touch with the online community. Maybe I’m not socializing enough.

That’s why I’m using Flock now. “Let’s see how it goes”

Blogged with the Flock Browser

Inheritance and Promovation

30 July, 2008

Essay about class inheritance and object promovation in general programming

Modularity in Design

29 July, 2008

this is the main topic. will write an essay about it